Testimonials from our Clients

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You have taken a lot of stress from me as I was at my rope’s end by the time I found your ad. I had been on the phone all day and was getting very discouraged! I will keep you in my rolodex! That’s the best it has looked in 10 yrs! Thanks again Walter for your quick, professional job!

We found Walter on Craigslist searching for a demolition crew, or team or company not too sure who or what we needed but when we saw Walter's ad posting Easy Clean Ups we really hoped he would be the one. Walter arrived on time for our first meeting and provided a very fair bid. We were trying to assist some youngsters who wanted to salvage some building materials and promised they could complete the demolition to our satisfaction and we eventually realized that wasn't correct. Walter returned providing us another very fair bid to finish the demolition project and complete the project in two days rather than four months as we had experienced so far. We were not able to be on site for the work but Walter completed the project starting on time and keeping in contact with us as the job progressed letting us know when something new appeared and may require special attention. We arranged to meet Walter the first weekend following the completion of the project to inspect and pay for the completed job. My wife and I arrived to see our property as we had anticipated months ago, we were very pleased and thankful we had met such an honest man. I told Walter if anyone ever doubted his ability to provide them my name and phone number so I could Boost his professionalism, work ethics and ability. Have no Doubt when Walter is about, you will not be disappointed. Respectfully,

I contacted EZ Cleanups because I was home on emergency leave. I was stood up by a couple of junk men who demolished my grandmother's 45+ year old trailer and just left a mess in her yard. EZ Cleanups agreed to come over that evening, However, I was out of town helping my sick mother. We then agreed to meet at 0800 the following morning. Walter and his brother arrived promptly at 0750 to look over the job. They originally told us they couldn't get to the job until early the next week because they were booked. Then they learned that I was in the military, and that my mom just had surgery, So they agreed to do the job 2 days later on 27 Feb 2013. We agreed that they would start between 0730 and 0800. They arrived promptly at 0800 and immediately got to work. They completed the job to include raking and sweeping the lot by 1330. I just want to say for younger individuals they were extremely courteous, friendly, and always on time. They were true to their word and did a fabulous job helping me and my family out and got it done before I had to fly back to my home. I was able to set-up and configure my mom's camper, which was being placed on the same location as where the old trailer was at. They provided us business cards that left space for the quote so that we could have a quote in writing and upon completion of the job had a typed invoice on letterhead for our receipt. These were very simple products but showed a touch of class. I would highly recommend anyone needing some demolition and yard cleanup they contact EZ Cleanups and you won't be disappointed.

We hired Easy Clean-Ups yesterday to haul and clean up our five acre property which consisted of couches, furniture, old TVs, microwaves and a lot of other “items” we have accumulated over the past 15 years in our outbuildings, around the house and the barn. Walter came out and gave us a free estimate beforehand which was very helpful. We inspected the job they did today and we were amazed. We felt bad because it was raining but this obviously did not deter them from doing an excellent job. I would highly recommend Easy Clean-Ups for anyone who needs a hauling service. Walter and his staff were very professional, prompt and courteous throughout the entire process and the price was very reasonable. I would definitely use Walter’s company again and will refer Easy Clean-Ups to all of my friends and family who need a hauling service. Thank you so much.

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